Thursday, May 15, 2014

On my Hook the end of April 2014

Currently on my hook is a few different projects. I have a few amigurumis I'm working on. Most y'all probably just read amigurumi and thought, what the __ is that?! Well it's a stuffed crochet animal, doll, toy, etc. Personally, I've never been a fan of them because they're worked mainly in single crochet. For you non-crocheters, a single crochet stitch is the 3rd smallest crochet stitch one can use in a crochet project (the 1st is a chain, and the 2nd is a slip stitch). Not until a fellow hooker reminded me that you need to make sure you're "riding the stitch" while working amis (abbrev. for amigurumis).  Once I became more mindful of how I was working my stitches, and remembering to stuff as I went, I started to enjoy making amis.  In fact, not too long ago I was a tester for Articles of a Domestic Goddess' Meeky Mouse. My daughter just loves her to pieces now - mainly because she was allowed to go into my craft room to pick out her skirt and bow color.  Instead of Meeky, my daughter renamed her to Birdie the Ballerina. Isn't she cute?!

This week I'm also working on another Some Bunny Loves Me Beanie and diaper cover for a baby girl. It'll be another floppy eared one, so instead of blue, think pink!

If you'd like to make the Some Bunny Loves Me Beanie, then head on over to my Free Pattern tab because I just released this pattern at no charge to you :-)

If you'd like to make Meeky Mouse Amigurumi, then head on over to Ravelry.

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