Monday, April 21, 2014

Getting the hang of things

Being a newbie to the blog world has been a bit intimidating to me. What should I feature? How many times a week should I post? Should I cross reference to other designers? Should I Only post about crochet? Well after contemplating a few things, and visiting some YouTube tutorials more than once, I've come to realize that posting as much as I can, and expanding my inner techy would be best :-)

So I'm throwing it all out there in the cyber universe now, and feeling a tad exposed, all in hopes that my fans will appreciate what I bring to the table. If you have a request, question, etc, then comment below so I can get this ball rolling and make it most beneficial to You, my readers!

I started a few tabs to start posting under, so bear with me as my blog gets a face lift ;-)  I'm very excited to see how this will evolve :-D

See ya soon Looping Lovers!

Looping with Love