Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We Need Your VOTES!!!

It's been awhile since I've been blogging - and a LOT has happened since last time I've posted....

but what better way to kick off blogging again then diving head first into a competition?!  

Yup, that's right - I'm in a contest! A designing contest - against 4 other awesome crocheters! 

Sooo, you may be curious who are the competitors?  Well, they are all members of the Hodge Podge Crochet Group on facebook ~ who was created by none other Tanya Naser of Hodge Podge Crochet. 
So I'm in a HODGE PODGE SHOWDOWN!  Round 5 to be exact.  

The designers competing are:
~Myself (of coarse!)
~Shelly Jo of Tangled & Tied
~Michelle Wulf of Magic Mommy's Yarning
~Betty Margaret Johnson of Betty Johnson's Crochet Shop
~Daile Rois of Dragon Fey Designs

What an exciting round it has been so far!  
I approached this design just like any other design - scribbling ideas down, charting stitches out, working them up, frogging out what I didn't care for, and starting over and over again; as I'm sure my competitors did the same!  
I mean, just look at what I'm up against:

^^ So there's ALL 5 Entries!^^

Aren't they Fantastic?!  So now to get down to the nitty gritty....

The designers need Your VOTES!!!  Here's how you can vote:


It'll redirect you to a board on Pinterest that was created for this competition.

Then you'll need to sign into your Pinterest.  If you don't have one, then sign up for one - It's Free!

Next "Heart" (like) AND "Repin" (save) your Favorite Baby Blanket Design:

Just use your mouse to hoover/hold your finger on the picture on your cell phone over your favorite baby blanket design:

Pinterest App View
Pinterest Desktop View


Each Heart and Repin count as 1 Vote EACH!  So make sure you give your 
favorite design 2 Votes

You can repin your favorite to Any board you wish.  Just make sure you Save it once you select the board you want it in ;-) 

Voting ends: Sat, Sept 24, 2016 @ midnight PST

So GET YOUR 2 VOTES IN!  Then Share with all of your family, friends, yarn lovers, etc. to help your fav Baby Blanket design Win! 


All pattern designs will be available on Ravelry on Sun, Sept 25, 2016. 
But stay tuned for your chance to win my pattern once the competition is over!!!

Looping with Love