Saturday, September 27, 2014

Halloween is Upon us!

I don't know about you, but Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday!  It's probably because I originally come from Massachusetts, and up there they take the holiday very seriously.  Not until I was relocated after becoming an Army wife did I find out that there were places that had trick or treating curfews, and safe Halloween events. What?!  You're telling me I can only take my kid around during such and such a time on this designated day?  That drove me a tad insane. Cause you see, in MA, kids don't even Start trick or treating until it's dark, and if there's a front light on at 11pm, then you better still have candy to hand out to trick or treaters.  Almost everyone in MA goes all out for Halloween - decorations galore, spooky music blaring, fog machines turn on high, props set up on zip lines, driveway haunted houses - pretty much anything that can go "bump in the night" will most likely be betrayed on all hallow's eve. So it was a HUGE culture shock to be thrown into a military town in Texas where most parents take their kids to safe Halloween events at civic centers, or trick or treat during the hours of 6-8 pm, and only like 5 houses (if that) are handing out candy on every street. This is NOT my idea of Halloween!  I'm almost fairly certain that next year I want my daughters to experience what Halloween should truly be like, and we'll make the almost 2,000 mile trip to Grammie's house for that experience.

Anywho, back on topic!  So Halloween coming soon means I'm in the mood to punch out more Halloween-ish patterns!  This week alone I have released 2 monster hats, I'm adding photos to a Skull and Crossbones Applique, and a "build a monster" hat is in the works :-D  What better way to celebrate a New pattern release then give my fans a chance to win a FREE copy of my pattern?! about 3 Free Copies of my new pattern!  [scroll down below for the rafflecopter to get your entries in ;-)]

Now here's a look at some amazing photos of my Big Eyed Monster Hat!

Didn't my testers do a Fabulous job?!

Here's your chance to WIN a FREE COPY of this pattern! Just simply click on the options in rafflecopter to get your entries in. 

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy International Crochet Day!

Happy International Crochet Day Everyone!!!!

What better way to celebrate this day, then with a sale?! Well how about a DOUBLE WHAMMY???  Not Only am I having a sale on my patterns in Ravelry, but I'll also have a sale on Any order made now (Sept 12, 2014) through Sunday night (Sept 14, 2014) til 11:59pm CST!

So head on over to either my Facebook Page to place an order for any crochet item, or an order for stitch markers/clay covered handles.


Head on over to my Ravelry store, and use coupon code: LOVECROCHET at checkout.


Happy Hooking :-)

Friday, September 5, 2014

G+ ruined my Scavenger Hunt!

So, I recently had a Scavenger Hunt on my blog (and eventually also my facebook page) for my fans.  Not until after 2/3 into the hunt did someone notify me that no matter how much they tried they couldn't leave a comment on my blog. Stumped as to why, I decided to log out of my Google account, and try to comment on my own blog without a Google account. Guess WHAT?!  I COULDN'T DO IT EITHER!  Every time I tried to comment, a new web page would pop up wanting me to sign into a Google account to continue.  But I THOUGHT I had my blog set to public so everyone could see my blog and comment freely (well, within reason).

So oddly enough, I turned to Google to search for "How to disable G+ comments in Blogger."  Luckily, many others have had the same issue, and I stumbled across a photo tutorial on how to fix my problem. But while reading that tutorial I learned Another new fact about linking your G+ to your Blogger.  This little factoid is a MAJOR PROBLEM FOR ME!  You see, the way it was set up was that anyone with a G+ account (but not anyone else) would be able to comment on the blog. That was the first blow. The second blow came when I learned that even some G+ account holders would be able to comment on my blog, but I wouldn't be able to view their comment due to their personal settings in G+.  SAY WHAT?! You mean that because I'm not in that person's G+ circles allowed to see their comments, that I can't see what they comment on MY OWN BLOG?!  Yup, you read that right!  If a G+ user didn't have their comments set to public for viewing, then there was NO WAY for me to know that they even commented on my blog!  So thanks G+ for any ghost posts that I may have missed!

After learning all of this, I have a few things to say: 


Secondly, THE PROBLEM IS FIXED NOW!  I disabled G+ comments for my blog. So now ANYONE can comment on my blog :-)


I'm so Glad that I now know why my scavenger hunt was viewed over 80 times, but yet I only had 3 visible comments on my scavenger hunt to me.  I'm happy now that my settings are back to how they should be, thus letting any fan be able to comment on my blog :-)

IF by chance you have a Blogger account of your own and you want to make sure your G+ comments are disabled, then just look to the 2 photos below. It's only 2 steps ;-)

Madly Mahvelous Scavenger Hunt

Are you ready for a Scavenger Hunt???

Here's what you'll be playing for:

Here's how it works:

There are 8 questions below that are all worth different amounts of points. Each question pertains to a different topic, and can be found on various sites that Looping with Love can be found; such as on my blog, my Ravelry Shop, my Facebook Page, my Craftsy Shop, my Pinterest, and my fb group: Looping Crazy for a possible 35 points!  

Now some questions are easy to answer, others are giving you a task to complete, and there's a few that you'll need to do some investigating, but I hope you enjoy the hunt!  

Once the scavenger hunt is closed (7 pm CST, Fri Sept 5, 2014), I will look to see if there's a clear cut winner having the most correct answers, thus having the highest points earned. If by chance there is multiple entries with the same amount of points earned, then I will then use a random pick generator online to choose the winner.

Simply comment below with 1-8 (so I know which question you're answering, and how many points to award a correct answer) and then your answer.

So, Here We GO! Good Luck!!

1.) What is the full name of the pattern that is dedicated to my late father? (5 pts)  

2.) How many patterns are listed in my Ravelry shop? (4 pts)  

3.) What was the first crochet item I made my daughter that kick started Looping with Love? (5 pts)  

4.) Post a link of your favorite item I've made on my facebook page; whether it was a completed order, or an original pattern. (4 pts)  

5.) Repin one of Looping with Love's pins, and then post the link of your pin. (5 pts)  

6.) What # baby am I currently pregnant with? (3 pts)  

7.) Do I have the same number of patterns released in both my Ravelry and Craftsy shops? (5 pts)  

8.) Join my crochet facebook group and introduce yourself! (4 pts)

**IF YOU CANNOT COMMENT ON THIS POST, THEN PLEASE GO TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE TO COMMENT ON THE PINNED POST THERE! It's been brought to my attention that blogger has been giving some issues to some, so I made the hunt available on my facebook page: Looping with Love**

Again, comment below this blog post with your answers. The highest points collected by 1 participant Wins! You're not required to have a blogger account to comment below either.


Congratulations Rita!

Don't forget to make sure you enter the for the Grand Prize at: Here at the Mad Mad Makers blog!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Madly Mahvelous Scavenger Hunt & Giveaway

Have y'all been watching the AMAZING 23 vendor giveaway happening on Mad Mad Makers? If not, then don't worry - you still have time to be a part of some vendors' scavenger hunts, and the HUGE Grand Prize giveaway!  The photo below shows all of the Fantastic Mad Mad Makers that are taking part in this extravaganza!

Prizes include: wonderful crochet patterns, exquisite clay items, yummy smelling soaps and lotions, and amazing gift certificates!

So you may be wondering what do you have to do to win?  Well, each day until Sept 7th, there's a few ways to win! Vendors have their fans search on various pages (facebook, blogs, ravelry, craftsy, pinterest, etsy) for either a photo with the stamp below, or answer questions. The fans report back with their answers in the comment section for their entry on that vendor's page. Then the vendor selects a winner randomly through, woobox, etc. when their time slot has closed.

Second way to win is entering for the GRAND PRIZE!  Now this is pure Madness, but would you expect anything but Madness from the Mad Mad Makers?!  So get this: ONE Person will Win 23 PRIZES!  Yup, 23 Marvelous prizes ALL will go to Only 1 person! Make sure you enter on rafflecopter for the Grand Prize of 23 gifts going to 1 Grand Prize Winner Here at the Mad Mad Makers blog! OR just scroll down to the bottom of this blog to enter for the Grand Prize on the Rafflecopter widget ;-)

Then be sure to check back in: 
Tomorrow Noon ~ 5 pm CST 
for my Scavenger hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Prize from Looping with Love
Hint: You'll have a chance to search for 8 answers on my blog, my Ravelry Shop, my Facebook Page, my Craftsy Shop, my Pinterest, and my fb group Looping Crazy! for a possible 35 points! The participant with the most points wins 3 Patterns of choice!

Grand Prize from Looping with Love

If you want to win $15 Shop Credit to Looping with Love (good towards any crochet or clay order) PLUS 22 other amazing Grand Prizes, then make sure you Enter the Rafflecopter below!

Looping with Love