Friday, August 8, 2014

ppsssttt...Guess What?!

So I've been keeping a HUGE secret from everyone for quite awhile; unless you're personal fb friends with me, then you already know my news by now ;-)

So we're happy to announce that:

My husband came up with the idea of lining our boots up - after all, we live in Texas. So I had to make some baby cowboy/cowgirl neutral boots :-)

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes; we truly appreciate it! 

But some of you may be thinking - what is a Rainbow baby?  Well, a rainbow baby is a healthy, breathing, crying baby a couple has after going through loosing a child.

I don't believe I ever shared our losses with my fans - so here it goes; fair warning now: you May Need Tissues!  We were expecting our 2nd daughter to be due on 12-12-12 ~ How awesome is that due date, huh?!  Unfortunately, our little angel only made it to around 33 weeks of gestation, and I delivered Keira Reese on Oct 30, 2012. After waiting a grueling 19 weeks for the autopsy report, because she was a "special case," it proved my suspicions correct, and that she passed from fetal hypoxia. Which means that she didn't have enough oxygen in her placenta, and she suffocated to death. I know how terrible that is to read, but please know that my family and I are at peace with her passing. Looking back at my situation, and all the signs that were never taken as seriously as they should have been, I know I have a good case of malpractice against the hospital; now whether or not I decide to take that hospital to court is a whole other story, for a different place and time. I find it comforting that I was lucky enough to hold an angel while here on Earth ~ not too many people are able to say that ;-)

Then about a year later, after battling PTSD and finally feeling like myself again, I came out of my crochet hiatus and started designing again. Once I was back in my happy place, I told my hubby that I was ready to start trying again. He wasn't ready yet. But 2 months later he decided he was ready too :-)  Oddly enough, after only 2 months of trying, but not really, we beat my PCOS (infertility) odds and found out we were pregnant :-)  Of coarse we called all of our immediate family to spread the news! One of whom was my late father, who at the time was slowly declining from stage 4 Glioblastoma (a brain tumor). That was the last phone call my father was ever on - hearing that we were pregnant, after loosing our 2nd daughter. Sadly, 3 days after finding out we were pregnant, I started to miscarry at 5 weeks. Still on the tail end of my miscarriage, I drove across country (over 2,000 miles from Central Texas to Massachusetts- during a terrible Nor'easter I may add) to say my final goodbyes to my 52 year old father. I never had the heart to tell my father that I lost the baby after talking to him; but I'm pretty sure he knows now, and is watching over our 4th baby very closely for us.

So unlike most people, I have gone through a lot of tragedies in my life at a young age, more than I'm sure you'd even be interested in reading. That saying that, "what doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger," is true for sure!  I know that my life experiences have shaped me into the woman that I am today, but I'm certainly looking forward to my rainbow!

Everybody wants happiness,
 no one wants pain; 
but you can't have a rainbow,
 without a little rain. 

My beautiful daughter is talking to her sibling to come soon :-)

Looping with Love