Friday, September 5, 2014

Madly Mahvelous Scavenger Hunt

Are you ready for a Scavenger Hunt???

Here's what you'll be playing for:

Here's how it works:

There are 8 questions below that are all worth different amounts of points. Each question pertains to a different topic, and can be found on various sites that Looping with Love can be found; such as on my blog, my Ravelry Shop, my Facebook Page, my Craftsy Shop, my Pinterest, and my fb group: Looping Crazy for a possible 35 points!  

Now some questions are easy to answer, others are giving you a task to complete, and there's a few that you'll need to do some investigating, but I hope you enjoy the hunt!  

Once the scavenger hunt is closed (7 pm CST, Fri Sept 5, 2014), I will look to see if there's a clear cut winner having the most correct answers, thus having the highest points earned. If by chance there is multiple entries with the same amount of points earned, then I will then use a random pick generator online to choose the winner.

Simply comment below with 1-8 (so I know which question you're answering, and how many points to award a correct answer) and then your answer.

So, Here We GO! Good Luck!!

1.) What is the full name of the pattern that is dedicated to my late father? (5 pts)  

2.) How many patterns are listed in my Ravelry shop? (4 pts)  

3.) What was the first crochet item I made my daughter that kick started Looping with Love? (5 pts)  

4.) Post a link of your favorite item I've made on my facebook page; whether it was a completed order, or an original pattern. (4 pts)  

5.) Repin one of Looping with Love's pins, and then post the link of your pin. (5 pts)  

6.) What # baby am I currently pregnant with? (3 pts)  

7.) Do I have the same number of patterns released in both my Ravelry and Craftsy shops? (5 pts)  

8.) Join my crochet facebook group and introduce yourself! (4 pts)

**IF YOU CANNOT COMMENT ON THIS POST, THEN PLEASE GO TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE TO COMMENT ON THE PINNED POST THERE! It's been brought to my attention that blogger has been giving some issues to some, so I made the hunt available on my facebook page: Looping with Love**

Again, comment below this blog post with your answers. The highest points collected by 1 participant Wins! You're not required to have a blogger account to comment below either.


Congratulations Rita!

Don't forget to make sure you enter the for the Grand Prize at: Here at the Mad Mad Makers blog!

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