Saturday, September 27, 2014

Halloween is Upon us!

I don't know about you, but Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday!  It's probably because I originally come from Massachusetts, and up there they take the holiday very seriously.  Not until I was relocated after becoming an Army wife did I find out that there were places that had trick or treating curfews, and safe Halloween events. What?!  You're telling me I can only take my kid around during such and such a time on this designated day?  That drove me a tad insane. Cause you see, in MA, kids don't even Start trick or treating until it's dark, and if there's a front light on at 11pm, then you better still have candy to hand out to trick or treaters.  Almost everyone in MA goes all out for Halloween - decorations galore, spooky music blaring, fog machines turn on high, props set up on zip lines, driveway haunted houses - pretty much anything that can go "bump in the night" will most likely be betrayed on all hallow's eve. So it was a HUGE culture shock to be thrown into a military town in Texas where most parents take their kids to safe Halloween events at civic centers, or trick or treat during the hours of 6-8 pm, and only like 5 houses (if that) are handing out candy on every street. This is NOT my idea of Halloween!  I'm almost fairly certain that next year I want my daughters to experience what Halloween should truly be like, and we'll make the almost 2,000 mile trip to Grammie's house for that experience.

Anywho, back on topic!  So Halloween coming soon means I'm in the mood to punch out more Halloween-ish patterns!  This week alone I have released 2 monster hats, I'm adding photos to a Skull and Crossbones Applique, and a "build a monster" hat is in the works :-D  What better way to celebrate a New pattern release then give my fans a chance to win a FREE copy of my pattern?! about 3 Free Copies of my new pattern!  [scroll down below for the rafflecopter to get your entries in ;-)]

Now here's a look at some amazing photos of my Big Eyed Monster Hat!

Didn't my testers do a Fabulous job?!

Here's your chance to WIN a FREE COPY of this pattern! Just simply click on the options in rafflecopter to get your entries in. 

Good Luck!

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  1. Id make him in green, hes just so cute!

  2. Same color of lime green only with a brown eye

  3. Im thinking a neon pink as the base color with the white eyes for a girl and neon blue for a boy. Maybe even a neon varigated just to mix it up!

  4. I'd make one in grey with a blue eye!


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