Thursday, February 7, 2019

Lovebug Legwarmers

My design hiatus is Over! 

I've decided that 2019 will be my year that I focus in more.  More on blogging, more on designing, more on being creative, and more being plugged in with my social media accounts. I'm Super Excited to push my boundaries, get out of my comfort zone, and grow as a person and business woman!

When Nicole from Nicki's Homemade Crafts was looking for designers to be apart of her Countdown to Valentine's Day blog hop, it was Just what I needed to kick my butt in gear!

Each designer has chosen different items perfect to make for you Valentine!  Immediately I wanted to push out a hat design that has been in queue for quite some time, but I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone.  So I started browsing my old design books for inspiration, and I found it!  A legwarmer pattern that I messily jotted down as I worked up a pair for my daughter.

So there I was staring at a pattern with no gauge, weight of yarn, or hook used to create the pattern.  Luckily, I was able to dig out the legwarmers from my daughter's closet to start piecing the puzzle together.  Once I dived in, I realized Why I never published this pattern years ago.  That's because there isn't much information (charts) out there for measurements for a person's ankle to knee.  So I had to resort to looking at charts for knee socks and compression socks to create my own length chart for legwarmers.

The Greatest thing about the Lovebug Legwarmers is that you Only need to know how to make a half double crochet, and a slip stitch to create these beautiful textured legwarmers!  Which can be reversible, thanks to how they're joined together with working the slip stitch a certain way.  This pattern gives you my legwarmer chart to create your own custom legwarmers, along with photo tutorials to guide you through how to work in the 3rd loop to create a wonderful textured item.

Use code: SWEET
 on my Ravelry for your FREE copy!

(Coupon code Only valid on Feb 8th, 2019)

What colors will you use to make your legwarmers? I'd Love to see your legwarmers! Follow me on Instagram and use hashtag #lovebuglegwarmers when posting your photo(s). Or request to join my Looping with Love's Crafting Community on Facebook where you can stay up to date on exclusive promotions and sales for members only, plus a community full of crafters to share their knowledge and life experiences with; it's a community that's for sharing your love for your craft, whether it be yarn/clay/wood/vinyl related, or just your daily life and thoughts.

I can't wait to see your creations!   


  1. How do you get the pattern...nowhere on there to buy etc

  2. I clicked on the word Ravelry in blue just above and got thru.

  3. RAVELRY says the coupn code is out dated. What was the deadline ?


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